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  INnoVation castiga WCS Sezonul 1
  Written by SpeedMan - 09.06.2013 - 09:01
In fata a sute de spectatori si alte zeci de mii pe stream, Korea INnoVation a reusit sa castige World Championship Series Sezonul 1 si totodata premiul cel mare de 40.000$ ! Finala s-a desfasurat in capitala Coreei de Sud, Seul, si au fost prezenti 16 finalisti, printre care si 3 jucatori din Europa , France Stephano, Germany TLO si Ukraine DIMAGA. Din pacate acestia au fost eliminati inca din faza grupelor, astfel playoff-ul competitiei a fost format in totalitate din jucatori sud-coreeni.

Cu o saptamana in urma, INnoVation a reusit sa se califice si in finala WCS Korea GSL, unde a pierdut meciul dupa ce a condus cu 3-0. Si in aceasta competitie a reusit sa se califice in finala, dupa un prim meci usor impotriva lui Korea aLive si apoi un meci decisiv castigat in ultima runda impotriva lui - Korea Mvp cu scorul 3-2. Finala parea sa se repete de saptamana trecuta, INnoVation a reusit sa castige primele 3 runde fara prea mari probleme, chiar daca Korea sOs a incerca cateva lucruri noi insa nu a fost suficient. Urmatoarea runda a fost totul sau nimic pentru sOs, acesta a avut o defensiva mult mai buna si a reusit de multe ori sa puna probleme lui INnoVation care a ramas de cateva ori fara resurse, insa in cele din urma INnoVation a reusit sa castige meciul printr-un split-push foarte eficient.

Clasament final :
1st - Korea INnoVation - 40.000$
2nd -Korea sOs - 20.000$
3/4th-Korea SoulKey - 10.000$
3/4th-Korea Mvp - 10.000$
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  Alienware Cup cu 60.000$
  Written by SpeedMan - 08.06.2013 - 15:56

Un nou turneu pentru scena din Asia a fost anuntat sub numele de Alienware Cup 2013 Season 1. Acest turneu va avea atat cele mai bune echipe din China si Asia de Sud-Est, dar si pe echipa Ukraine Na`Vi, care au programat o calatorie in China in urmatoarea perioada.

Turneul se va desfasura in totalitate Online pentru a acomoda echipele din SEA (South-East Asia) cat vizita celor din Na`Vi in China. Turneul se va desfasura intre 16 Iunie si 7 Iulie. Suma totala a premiilor este de 60.000$ !!

Desi formatul intreg al competitie nu a fost anuntat, echipele vor fi impartite in 2 grupe de cate 5 echipe fiecare. Grupa A se va juca prima data pe 16 Iunie, iar Grupa B in care se afla Na`Vi din 25 Iunie pana in 27, iar playofful intre 29 Iunie si 7 Iulie. Astfel competitia se va desfasura pe intreaga durata in care Na`Vi va sta in China intre 24 Iunie si 10 Iulie.

Grupele sunt :
Group AGrupa B
(16, 22, 23 Iunie)(25 - 27 Iunie)
Malaysia Invasion.MUFCChina Invictus Gaming
China LGD ChinaUkraine Na`Vi
European Union LGD InternationalMalaysia NeoES.Orange
China RattleSnakeSingapore Team Zenith
China DKChina TongFu
Links : • joinDOTA
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  CS:GO Update 14 Feb 2013
  Written by SpeedMan - 14.02.2013 - 10:36

VALVe and Hidden Path Entertainment released a new updated for Counter-Strike : Global Offensive
This new update gives a little boost to Deagle, after it was nerfed in the previous updated, and some changes to P250 and Glock pistols.

Here is the full list of the change log for this update:
• Deagle: increased effective range.
• P250: reduced effective range.
• Glock: increased recoil on burst.
• Added a community dedicated server convar "sv_workshop_allow_other_maps". When this option is enabled and the server is idling empty, it will allow players to reserve it on another workshop map. Server will then download the other workshop map and let players play it, after the map ends the players will mapcycle into workshop collection hosted by the server.
• Added a game setting 'Max Acceptable Matchmaking Ping' to allow users in geographic locations far from official datacenters to find games via matchmaking without using developer's console.
• Servers starting to host a workshop collection will no longer show up as running de_dust.
• Added convar mp_death_drop_c4 that determines whether C4 is droppable.
• Fixed not being able to drop C4 in Demolition mode.
• Added display of public joinable games in maps workshop browser.
• Fixed dead players getting a network update that showed their dead icon position at the position of the player they jumped to spectate right after dying
• Fixed mapcycle problems when the server was playing a map outside of active mapgroup or collection.
• Workshop maps no longer show "workshop" prefix on master server and official maps show "official" instead of map id when played as part of hosted workshop collection.
• Fixed the post processing effects (like blur) persisting through a level change to the new map if the new map does not contain a postprocess_controller entity.
• Fixed some sv convars so they can be executed via map cfg files
• Fixed the regular radar images not showing on the loading screen for workshop/custom maps
• Fixed an interpolation exploit with bogus update rates.
• Fixed a regression where old protobuf demo files failed to play. All protobuf demos should be playable again.
• Maps that are newly subscribed are now highlighted as NEW in the UI.

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  And the winners are ...
  Written by SpeedMan - 20.09.2012 - 16:28
The raffle for the 2 games we offered with the launch of our new website is over. It was a simple task to anyone who wanted to participate, they needed only to post a comment in our news. The time limit has passed and we can announce the winners. And they are :

dacian - Bioshock 2 GAME

Frikii - DarkSiders GAME

Congratz to both users and we hope more of you will participate in our next raffles !
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  Register and win games !
  Written by SpeedMan - 15.09.2012 - 16:20
With the launch of our new website we will organize a raffle where you can win one of these 2 awesome games : Darksiders and Bioshock 2 !

All you have to do is REGISTER on Bomb-Sight.org (don't worry, it's free), and post a comment at this news. Write anything you like, be it a message for this launch, or how good you are in online games.

The winners will be announced on 20 September. More prizes will be given in the following days, on our Facebook page and Steam Group too .

Don't miss anything, like our page and join our steam group now !

EDIT : RAFFLE IS OVER ! - Winners !
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